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out May 26th 2022 on Hummus Records

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The trio hailing from Luzern, Switzerland, compares the production of the album to building Lego; there were various bricks in the form of riffs, loops and drum fills that they put together with producer Timo Keller:
“We had accumulated about 30 recordings of riffs, loops and drum breaks from YNY jam sessions. Together with Timo Keller, we selected the best ideas and elements and assembled them into longer structures like Lego bricks. After hours of rumbling with overdubs of bass, guitar and synthesizer, the instrumentals were created. From the beginning, it was important to us to include extended and danceable parts. Timo had the idea to add a Tanzbär (analogue drum machine), which eventually contributed a lot to the goal and formed a common thread.”
The lyrics were written by Thomas, Samuel and Simon together, based on melodies that came up during the production of the instrumentals. Besides the phonetics, words and stories that paint psychedelic pictures were important to them. They also wanted to keep bilingualism. The first track, “Nebelmeer” (Sea of Fog), seems like an electro track when you first hear it, before the distorted guitars kick in and Thomas’ German-language vocals join in. The second track “Black Meadow” was written primarily for the big stage, with its Queens of The Stone Age vibes it could become a festival banger.
“Asphalt Astronaut” is reminiscent of typical psychedelic rock songs, but it would not be Yet No Yokai, if as soon as Thomas’ voice is added, the whole vibe did not change and result in a kind of cat and mouse game between the vocal parts and the instrumental. “Calling For Love” immediately transports listeners to the desert. You can literally see the camels passing by in your mind. And so, the mood runs through the entire album. One is always curious which new tricks, or – to keep the Lego image – which building blocks, Yet No Yokai have come up with to let their sound become the unique Yet No Yokai sound house. Because as much as one would like to put them in a genre, they don’t quite make it that easy. This makes “Wir Sind Da” (We are here) a well-chosen title in any case, because in the end you can only sign the statement and be curious where the journey will lead.