VERA & CHARLOTTE NORDIN – “Celle Que Je Suis” – CD

out May 24th 2019 on Hummus Records

comes with 33 pages A5 book

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1 – Veracantation
2 – Pink Room
3 – Murk
4 – Mamma Nahey be my voice
5 – Krigsdansen
6 – Mother
7 – Grace
8 – Song Freeling
9 – Back to Earth

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Vera was born with a rare genetic disorder called « Cornelia de Lange syndrome » which comes with several disabilities, one of them not being able to talk as we all usually do. Charlotte – her mom – entered a facilitated communication training in order to learn an alternative way of communicating with her child. From there started a creative exchange between the both that has led to several painting exhibitions, performances as well as a music album. 41 minutes of monotone singing between a child and her mom

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