VAL SINESTRA – “Zerlegung” – LP

released on This Charming Man Records (2020)

white vinyl

this is a distro item, courtesy of This Charming Man Records

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Don’t be fooled – this is not a trip to the swiss alps, no Toblerone and shit! This is Val Sinestra, the Berlin powerhouse, these guys are not into Heidi, they deal with noise, anger, big-city-problems, snot… Fuck Zeitgeist – this is rough and fast and rocky and uncomfortable – this is rock’n’roll like it should be – an idea of against the world, of being the black sheep amoung the flock and feeling great about it. „Zerlegung“ the second album was produced by UK dude Jag Jago, which makes it a real banger! Think of The Bronx meet Clowns form Australia, sung in german. I know, this may be a downer for you english speaking guys, but maybe try something new here. Its worth the time!

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