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out April 30th 2014 on Hummus Records

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01 – Epithome
02 – To Die, When It_s Right To Die
03 – Subsonic Prophets
04 – Like My Father Before Me, I Choose Eternal Sleep
05 – Die Drei Gesichter Der Furcht

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The idea behind THE LEAVING, or more esentally in the foundation of Twinesuns, was to create music that basically allows to be everything that both of us – as a band like. We wanted to break free from all these rules that dominate today’s heavy music. Why is there a need of rhythm or drums? Why can ́t there be mistakes on a record (since it ́s a very natural habit to make mistakes)? Does heavy music need vocals? Why do there have be different parts and always the same structures in music? Why can ́t we play the same riff for 10 minutes?

We wanted to ignore all these guide lines and create something for us, something that would primarily fit our taste and understanding of music and art.

Our mindset was, to record something very raw, live and authentic. This is why we recorded most of the record live at the studio in an 8 hour session. We recorded the songs with a straight focus on the vibe and atmosphere of the takes – less thinking about things like mistakes or flaws.
After recording the guitars, we felt that there was room for more. So we asked Renzo from Abraham if he ́d like to lay down some moog synths for one of the songs. He ended up playing on the whole… more

Recorded live by TWINESUNS somewhere in Germany
Mixed by Stefan Braunschmidt at his place in Bielefel, D
Mastering by Chris Johnson at Moonflower Studio, Boston,MA

Artwork, Photography, and layout by Thor Ohe


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