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out April 2nd 2021 on Hummus Records

  • gold marble vinyl (lim. to 100) OR grey vinyl (lim. to 100). Both come in a sleeve and fully printed innersleeve (reverside of the board)
  • cassette with full on-body print + 2 sides printed matlese pack (lim. to 100)
  • T-shirt printed on black or melange grey Continental® N03 (unisex) with water based ink
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For this new release, black metal/doom quintet RORCAL teams up with malevolent sound mistreator EARTHFLESH to give birth to the ugliest, darkest & roughest tracks of its career. WITCHCOVEN displays two long & complex songs best described as nightmares of dreadful horror. The harsh noise & deep cracklings provided by Bruno (who happens to be Rorcal’s original bass player) and his new project Earthflesh, creates a whole new level of deepness in the music and supplements the band’s violent take on doomy black metal in a brand new way. The result, perpetually oscillating between crawling doom, massive drone, raw black metal & pure noise, is as thick as it is terrifying. In the end, the symbiosis between the two entities is utterly breathtaking.



XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


black, melange grey


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