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out March 1st 2013 on Hummus Records

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01 – Brutus Blume
02 – Retracted Love
03 – The Rooster
04 – Meet Horselover Fat
05 – Océan Mer
06 – Urban Monad 116
07 – Waters
08 – Together

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Behind this enigmatic maiden name hides a duo – Vladimir Skrivan (vocals, guitar, keyboard, machines) and Michael Gaio (guitar, machines) – that expresses itself at the junction of rock, electro, and folk. After a first Ep in 2010, Lune Palmer release their first album : ‘The Rooster’. One of the first things that hits the listener is Lune Palmer’s androgynous voice, more celestial than terrestrial, niching within rich instrumentation ; the ambiance is dense and nonetheless resolutely unearthly. In 2013 the band was joined by Anthony Cohen (drums) and Mathieu Jallut (guitar).


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Lune Palmer