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out June 2021 on Hummus Records and Two Gentlemen
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/A\ is made up of Emilie Zoé, Franz Treichler and Nicolas Pittet. The seven tracks in their debut album, the result of a series of jam sessions, perfectly synthesises the respective worlds of the members of this ad hoc trio. From one track to the next, a series of strange and perfect hybrids combine harmonically rich pop with driving rhythmic patterns, with perfectly arranged windows for woodsy acoustic soundscapes and electronic alterations. In doing so, /A\ multiplies different energies and dynamics: the warmth of a migratory blues (Hotel Stellar), cat-like, undulating post rock (Grain Sand and Mud), low-tempo machine-like fury (We Travel the Light), a pale morning atmosphere (Count to Ten), mutant trip hop (The Leaves), an idle climb to Golgotha (Our Love is Growing)… And the best in all this is that these trailblazing ideas follow each other with an incredible sense of naturalness.

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/A\, Emilie Zoé, Franz Treichler